Our Mission and Philosophy of Education


The mission of our school is to promote excellence in education - both spiritually and academically - for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God. This mission is fulfilled through a covenant with the whole faith community in service to all.

While we are a dedicated Catholic faith community, in the spirit of Christian Charity, Holy Family Catholic School extends a warm and open invitation to join us to families from other religious backgrounds who also desire a quality education for their children.  We are a Catholic school for all children.

  • Holy Family Catholic School exists to assist families in their responsibility as the primary educators of their children, and to establish a partnership with all participating families.
  • This partnership is designed to strengthen the relationship between the family, the school, and the Catholic Church (or any other faith community to which the family belongs).
  • This partnership is the heart of the Holy Family Catholic School Parental Covenant, as it is of the life of our whole school.
  • We believe each person to be a child of God and that it is our responsibility to help each one discover a deeper personal relationship with God and with his or her faith community.
  • We strive to educate in a manner which values Christian conduct and consideration for others...in essence, living out the Gospel values as taught through the Roman Catholic Christian tradition.